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Storage is the only Solution if You Want Real Security for Your Things

In today’s world, security is an ever-increasing concern that many people have when it comes to their homes, their cars, their personal possessions, even information about them that is on the Internet. Removals London can’t really do anything about securing personal data that may be out there on the Web. Nor can we offer security for your home or car – that would be the domain of a different company. But what we can offer, is the complete security of your possessions… as long as they are stored in one of our Storage facilities. Our company has a lot to offer in terms of security. Our facilities are the best available and we take security extremely seriously because we know how important the safety of your items is to you. There are number of measures that we take to ensure the security of your belongings, including security cameras, a gated entryway and 24-hour surveillance by a security team. It is just what you would expect from the leader in Self Storage Services. Call us today on 020 8746 4334 to see how we can give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to keeping your things safe.

The Need of Secure Storage

You may think that security is not that big a deal. But we can assure you that the thousands of instances of robbery or vandalism that are reported every year are no joke. Criminals target homes just like yours, ones with valuable items, antiques, heirlooms or even just everyday items that you don’t believe are very valuable. The homes that are most at risk of robbery or vandalism are the empty homes. That means that when you go on vacation, the home can be a target. If you are moving abroad, the empty house is no secure space. If you will not have house-sitters or someone letting your place while you are away, your home and belongings could be in danger.

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Select Measures

Finally, an “away” message on your answering machine or even announcing your upcoming trip on social media sites or your own blog or website will certainly be a tip-off that you are not going to be home for awhile. Unless you have the strictest of security measures in place on your social media accounts, it is likely that someone you didn’t intend the message for could see it. As for the answering machine, it’s a no-brainer. All a criminal has to do after observing your empty house for a few days is call your publicly listed phone number and hear for himself that you are away.

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The Criminal Threat

Your newspapers and mail might pile up in the post-box or in the front entryway. This is the most obvious sign that no one is home and most people who are going on an extended vacation or moving abroad for a time will take the time to arrange for someone to collect the mail, or they may forward it to another address. That will certainly help. But another sign that no one is in your home and your possessions are unprotected is the one light you have left on to ward off burglars. Most burglars are not going to break in to your home right away – that is, when they first target the house. Most criminals will wait a few days or even a week to make sure that there really isn’t anyone home. If the same light always remains on and other lights never go on or off, it will be clear to them that no one is home. Drawn curtains will have a similar effect of exposing the fact that no one is in your house. We usually draw curtains at night so that passersby cannot see in. But we also draw them when we go away, so if the curtains or the blinds stay drawn even during the day when one would expect them to be opened, this will also be a clue to someone who is targeting your home.

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A Summary of Superb Services

But you can solve some of these problems by placing your most prized possessions and valuables in a temporary Storage unit. With our company, you receive:

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    Any size of storage unit

    You pick how much storage space you need and we deliver.

  • yellow illustration of short or long term storage

    Short or long term storage

    You pick how long you wish to use our services.

  • yellow illustration of a hand carrying a box

    24/7 access

    Visit your storage anytime you want.

  • yellow illustration of a unlocked lock

    Accessible units

    The facility is made so that you drive up to your storage and take whatever you need.

  • yellow illustration of a pound icon

    Affordable and transparent prices

    We don’t push the prices and we have no hidden fees.

  • yellow illustration of packing materials

    Additional packing services

    We also offer packing materials for your items.

  • yellow illustration of a protected box

    Expert security

    Only you will have access to your own self storage unit.

A Storage Which You Control

You will choose what will go into the Storage unit and you will place it there. No one else will have any access to your things, except in case of extreme emergency such as a fire in the facility. In any case, your items will be more secure behind our locked gates and doors than within view of criminals in your home. You don’t have to spend a lot to rent a Storage unit at Removals London and your peace of mind will be priceless. You can go on that vacation with the calm feeling of knowing that even if someone does break in to your home, you have taken measures to secure the most valuable items that you would really regret losing.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Consider how devastated you would feel if you lost the antique jewellery that your grandmother bequeathed to you. Wouldn’t it be terrible if the family photos got destroyed or went missing? What would you do if the family heirlooms were broken to bits when an intruder was banging about in your house? You may be able to live without some of the plastic toys and everyday dishes and it may not even bother you if some clothes go missing. But the valuables are really worth protection. Call us today on 020 8746 4334 to see how easy it is to get started and take the precautionary measure that will keep your belongings safe and sound, and under surveillance even when you can’t be at home. You may have motion lights on your property, but if no one is home to see them go on, what good will they really do? Our motion lights and surveillance cameras, however, notify someone who can respond right away, so you know your things really are secure.

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