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A Few Helpful Tips from Removals London Can Go A Long Way During an EU Move

When you are considering making an EU move, there are plenty of websites out there that offer advice about what you should and should not do. But wouldn’t you prefer to take advice from a company that completes successful EU relocation every day? There are plenty of things that can go wrong in an international move, but there are also plenty of things you can do to ensure a happy and successful removal. Take the time to research your destination country and your trip (or retirement) will be that much better. Our company sees families and individuals going through EU removals all the time, so we know what some of the most common problems can be. Call us today on 020 8746 4334 for a free quote and read on to see how you can begin preparing for your moving abroad. But before we get to that, make sure you open your mind to new experiences; after all, they are the best part about any EU move.

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The five tips below can be followed for an EU Move to any of the 27 member states, even though the EU is a diverse collection of cultures and people. There are always common themes that can help our customers out.

Choice of Destination

Consider the language of the country you will be moving to. While it is becoming more and more likely that you will come across many people who speak English, it is important to learn at least a few key phrases before you go. You don’t want the taxi driver to take advantage of you the minute you land! Even if you have visited the country before as a tourist, learning a few words and phrases will endear you to your new neighbours and may make your life easier if you come across people you cannot communicate with in English. You could contact other expats in the area to see what they can teach you, or consider signing up for a course before you leave your home country. This will do wonders to help you fit into your new community and will make everything from paying bills to grocery shopping easier. The more rural your destination, the more important this is, as English speakers are often found only in the capital or larger cities.

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Pick Your Lifestyle

Culture is important to any country – it is likely to be unique, too. Even in today’s world of ever-present technology and communication, there are plenty of things to learn in terms of culture when you go to a new place. Within the European Union, cafe culture is a part of the lifestyle of many continental cities. In Britain, you may be used to afternoon tea and spending hours sipping an espresso may seem strange. It may also be difficult to eat tapas standing up if you are heading to Spain. All of these things, along with music, holidays and dance and food are part of a country’s culture. And while you may not be expected to participate in rituals, it is always nice to show a little interest. Being open to a new culture can be an enriching experience for you and your children and can help you meet new people as well.

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Contact the Right People

Bureaucracy and paperwork are a part of life no matter where you live in the world. Some European cultures seem to have more than others, but nowhere is completely free from bureaucracy. Contacting expats or your embassy or consulate abroad is an important step to take, especially when you have immigration paperwork, taxes to file or a vehicle to register. Don’t try to go it alone – you could get lost in a mess of paperwork! Finances may be in control in your home country, but if you have to keep on top of payments or have access to bank accounts while abroad, they may suddenly become complicated. Speak to a representative from any financial institution that you do business with. It could mean the difference between paying huge fees for international customers or having a smooth transition, financially speaking. Make sure, too, that you sign up for as many e-bills as possible. Don’t rely on postal services to deliver your important financial statements, as they could arrive late or not at all!

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Start Prepared, Finish Successfully

Pack some of your favourite food items to bring with you. This may seem like a trivial step that is not worth thinking about, but if you have a favourite brand of biscuits or a particular type of tea that you prefer, stash a few packets in one of your moving boxes. These items might help you get over the homesickness of the first few weeks, at least until you can find some new favourite brands in your new country. They can also be a great way to make contact with the neighbours. Share some chocolate biscuits and tea and they might share some homemade sweets that are a local specialty. What a great way to become a part of your new community. You can’t underestimate how important your neighbours will be, especially for things like telling you where to buy the best produce, how much you should pay for this or that service, or they can even help you make some improvements to your new home without hiring an expensive contract. So endear yourselves to them as soon as you arrive.

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Book with Us and get the Best Service and Deals

When you hire Removals London for your EU relocation, you will be taking the first step toward the best EU move possible. Your belongings will be packed safe and sound and will arrive at your new doorstep in perfect condition. You won’t have any surprises when it comes to taxes, fees or documents, as we take care of all that for you. You can focus on finding a new school for the kids, purchasing some new furniture for your home or exploring your new city or village.

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