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What Goes in Which Moving Box? It’s Not a Mystery Anymore


As you are getting ready to pack up all your worldly possessions, you may have a few questions that you need answered before you get started. You can call Removals London on 020 8746 4334 and we will answer any questions you have regarding packing, or scheduling a team of professionals to come and do your packing for you – that’s a sure-fire way to eliminate worries about packing. If you plan to do the packing on your own, however, there are a few things you should know before you start putting everything into those moving boxes and sealing them up with packing tape.

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No Imagination Needed for The Help We Offer

You can imagine all things, from planning the moving checklist, all the way to spending all that free time saying goodbye to the neighbours, visiting your friends and walking around the neighbourhood one last time. What you don’t have to imagine is the great benefits we offer everybody who comes to us:

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    Friendly customer service

    Our operators work 24/7 and hold all answers you want about our services.

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    Capable packing professionals

    We have the movers who will get the boxes to you and the packers who will keep your items safe.

  • yellow illustration of a shield with a box on it symbolizing durability

    Durable boxes

    Our moving boxes come at all sizes and will not fail you during the move.

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    All packing materials

    We have everything you need – from boxes to bubble-wrap, to Styrofoam, to sealing tape, and more.

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    Affordable prices

    Our services come at excellent rates, one to satisfy every customer’s needs.

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    Fast service

    You will not wait for the delivery – we agree on a time slot and we keep it.

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    Additional storage

    And if you want extra space for the items that you won’t move, we will show you to the best storage facility in town.

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The Packing Preparation

The first step to packing actually happens well before packing begins. This is the clearing out that you should do prior to your removal. It’s best to do this before you even have a removal assessment or hire a moving company. It will reduce the amount of Storage space you will need, it will cut down on the number of boxes that you need and it will save you money in terms of the moving van. You may be able to get everything onto a much smaller moving vehicle if you have really gone through and done a good clearing out ahead of time. A good clearing out should involve every room of the house and every member of the household. Kids can help with the clearing out, too. If you go into their rooms and wardrobes and simply start taking things you think they no longer need, they are likely to get upset. By involving them in the process, they can decide what is no longer necessary to hold on to. Also, be sure to allow them to keep a few items as they choose.

Clearing Out and Assessment

Clearing out can take a number of forms. You can sell items on eBay or gumtree, you can donate everything to a charity shop, or you can head off to the car boot or tabletop sale to dispense of them that way. Whatever way you choose to discard of your items, make sure you leave plenty of time for the sorting – it’s easy to get lost in an old photo album that you have unearthed and spend the rest of the evening doing something other than sorting! And when everything you don’t want and don’t need has been cleared away, it is time for an assessment. While you can do this on your own, it is very helpful to have us in to do it for you. We won’t leave anything out and you will get an accurate survey of your items. Plus, we will tell you exactly which boxes and packing supplies you will likely need. That can be a big guess if you are doing the assessment on your own. Order your moving boxes direct from our website and you are ready to get packing.

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Your Packing Options

We have every type of box you could need, all you need to do is ask. Wardrobe boxes are large, upright boxes that are just what their name implies: moveable wardrobes. There is a bar across the top so you can lift your hangers out of your wardrobe and place them right into the wardrobe box. This prevents wrinkling and damage during transport. These handy boxes also have handles on them and it is always clear which side goes up. Label the boxes according to whose wardrobe they will go in and whether they are summer or winter clothes, a helpful hint when it comes to unpacking. Book boxes are another obvious category. They are small, compact boxes that are usually stronger than average single-walled boxes because books tend to weigh a lot. It is important that books be put in small, sturdy boxes so that the box walls don’t buckle or the bottom falls out. You can place other heavy items, like fragile collectibles and photo albums in book boxes as well. Since they are strong, they are best for heavier items that will be wrapped.

Secure and Safe Boxes

There are archive boxes available for all your documents and files. These are useful because they won’t be turned upside down – they have handles and a lid, so it is clear which end is up. Moreover, your papers will fit flush with the sides of the box, which prevents creases, folding and other damage to important documents and folders. If you put them into any old box, they could shift around and you may end up with a papery mess at the end of your removal. Larger boxes are best for clothing, bed linens and soft toys, since they do not weigh a lot. You can also use some of those items as padding in your other boxes that hold electronics or collectibles if you do not want to purchase Styrofoam filler. Just make sure that nothing can move around! This is also a green solution, as well as a budget-friendly one. The last few types of boxes that will be helpful for any removal are bottle boxes for the wine collection and liquor cabinet and divided dish boxes that will make packing and moving plates and dishes a breeze. The remainder of your items can likely go into small or medium-sized double-walled boxes. They should be strong enough for most items.

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And All the Rest You Want and Need

Don’t forget the tape! No matter what kind of box you decide to rely on for your removal – or what combination of boxes you settle on – you will need a few rolls of heavy-duty packing tape. Place the roll in a tape gun and the building and sealing of your boxes will go by much more quickly. If all that seems like a lot to remember and a lot of work, don’t fret. Simply call on 020 8746 4334 and we can do the packing, labeling and sealing of your boxes for your. Otherwise, stick to these simple rules and you should have no trouble at all. But remember, heavier items on the bottom, don’t overload and space is the enemy!

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