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A Man and Van Service is Perfect for Getting Your Belongings into Storage

Storage and man with a van are two things that really do go hand in hand. If you are like most people, you use a storage unit as a way to save space in your home. If you don’t have a garage, a basement or enough attic space, a storage space is the ideal place to keep those items that you don’t use every day. A man and van service is similar – we are here when you need us, but you probably won’t call us every day. We can do any service, from a home or office removal to furniture delivery to pick-ups of items you have purchased online. But since you probably won’t need a Man with a Van service every day, it might not be a habit yet to call the best company around – Removals London.

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The Benefits You Get With Us

But just like it has become habit for you to make a trip to your Storage unit on the weekends or when the seasons change, you should make it a habit to call us on 020 8746 4334 whenever you need large or heavy items moved. You can also rely on use to move lots to small, lightweight items that you simply can’t fit into your car – don’t think that a Man with a Van can only help you with things you cannot lift yourself. We can ease some of the stress in your life in many ways. Here is a full list of how we help:

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    Our 24/7 customer service will always keep you informed..

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    Our diligent movers will swiftly and carefully move you anytime.

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    Our sturdy moving vans come in all sizes and will not fail you.

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    Our prices will appeal to every business and every household.

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    Our quality of service never drops, no matter what the challenge.

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    Our storage will keep every item you want out of the way securely stored.

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    Our great value for money services assure 100% customer satisfaction.

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    Our packing services will make sure your belongings survive the bumpiest roads.

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Easy Storage, Easy Moving

One of the most common ways that people find our man and van service useful is to help them haul things to and from a storage unit. When you hire a van to drive yourself, you have to worry about insurance. You also have to worry about who will help you do the lifting and the loading. That is no small problem, since lifting and loading can cause problems from calluses that are simply nuisances to slipped discs in your back that are far more serious. You may save money moving things on your own, but you will certainly regret it if someone is injured in the process. But with man with a van from our company you need not worry about that. Not only are our movers professionally trained to lift and carry bulky, heavy items the proper way, they are also insured by our company. Your quote will include everything that you need to pay, so there won’t be any surprise fees at the end of the removal.

Speedy Service, Quickly Done

If you find yourself heading to the storage unit every weekend as the weather changes, why not get the entire job done in one afternoon with a man and van service? Having more space simply means that you don’t need to go as often, which can be especially helpful nowadays with petrol prices being what they are. If you use your storage unit for seasonal items like backyard furniture, gardening equipment, or outdoor toys for the children (things such as bikes, blow-up swimming pools, trampolines, etc.), you will find it harder and harder to fit everything into the boot of your car. With each year, there are bound to be a few additions to the collection, meaning that each year you may have to make an additional trip. This can make going to the storage unit a hassle, instead of the exciting marker of the season that it is. As for those kids’ bikes – remember that they will keep getting larger as the children grow. There will come a time when it makes more sense to hire a man with a van service than to purchase a larger car, especially for the low prices that we offer.

The Helping Hand that Makes Life Easier

Think of just how much lifting is involved with one trip to your storage unit. Even if you have painstakingly labelled all of your items and boxes, you still may need an item that is underneath a number of other boxes and pieces of furniture. You have to first locate the item, then unload each of the boxes – which could be quite heavy, by the way – then you have to load everything you need into the boot of your car. Now you must replace all those heavy boxes back into the small space from which you got them. And you are still not done! Once you get home, you will have to unload all those boxes once again. But when you call a man with a van on 020 8746 4334 you will have at least one set of hands helping you with the task. If it is a big job, we can send an extra person. Not only will you have to do a lot less lifting, but you will get it done in a lot less time, too.

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Quick and Safe Transition

Even if you are only using storage as a one-off while you are in the midst of a house removal, it is worth your time and money to call us on 020 8746 4334. Our competitive rates are so low that you will wonder why you ever considering hauling and lifting heavy items on your own. Our movers know how to manoeuvre furniture around corners and up stairways, so your walls and your furniture will remain intact and in perfect condition. They also know how boxes should be packed and how they should be loaded onto the van. They can really take a lot of the guesswork out of your removal or when you are putting things into a storage unit, even if just for a short time.

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Call Our Devoted Company Today

So give us a call right now on 020 8746 4334 to see just how affordable our man and van service it is. We’ll have that extra lawn furniture, or that lawn mower or those cardboard boxes of old clothes and books loaded up onto the van and into your storage unit in no time. You will be completely satisfied with our service, and you will recommend Removals London to your friends. Actually, that is the kind of advertising we must rely on, since people trust first-hand experience more than anything else. So trust our company with your removal today.

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