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Before Taking the Plunge of Moving Abroad – Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

We at Removals London want your international removal to be as smooth as possible – with no surprises like hidden fees, damaged goods or unfinished tasks at home. And although there is no guarantee that everything will always go perfectly smoothly, there are some ways to ensure that the situation is as much under your control as possible. Getting you a smooth international removal is our goal – that’s why we offer a checklist that can help you to start your preparation for moving abroad and can get you on the road to your new home and life.

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All the Best You Get with Us

In addition to that helpful checklist and tips and hints on our website, our company offers a comprehensive list of client removal services which, if you avail yourself of them, can significantly reduce the stress involved with moving abroad while still saving you money. How is that possible? Well, our rates are low because we keep overhead low. And we won’t charge you for services and moving van space that you don’t need. You will get a fair estimate that will give you the full picture and can expect no hidden fees when you hire us for your international removal. Along with the great prices, you also get:

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    High quality service

    Always kept top notch, we never disappoint.

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    Capable workers

    Our movers work for your ultimate satisfaction.

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    Modern vans

    We use only the best vehicles and they come in all sizes.

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    Punctuality and speed

    We are relentless when it comes to high standard service.

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    Safety of moving

    We also stress on how safe a move should be and work carefully.

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    Proper storage

    Our storage solutions will keep your belongings safe.

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    Full insurance

    You can always request the full insurance of your belongings.

The Safe Move You Want

Removal services from our company include an assessment of your belongings and furniture to help you determine how much space in the vehicle you need, or if you need more than one moving truck. We will let you know the right number of movers for the job, so you aren’t left short-handed on your move out day. Once the assessment is complete, you can get a more realistic quote and then start the next phase of your preparation. When preparing to move abroad, you may need a storage unit. Removals London is where you can turn for storage solutions as well as international removals services. Our storage facilities are accessible whenever you need them and you can choose short-term or long-term, climate controlled or non, depending upon your needs. You certainly won’t have your preparations ruined by someone telling you, “No, we can’t”. Our motto is, “Of Course We Can”

Of course we can help you with the packing as well, and of course it will be done professionally, quickly and efficiently. You will be able to get on with all the other preparations you need to make. You might think that all you need to worry about is getting your items out the door and getting yourself on the plane. But preparations for moving abroad actually involve much more than that. Once you have ordered your packing materials after we have completed an assessment, we will deliver them to your doorstep before arriving to help you with the packing. You’ll know that job is taken care of. But have you considered all the things you need to do to keep your home and family secure?

The Step-by-Step Preparations

If you are maintaining your property when you move abroad, make sure you have someone who can keep an eye on it for you – to mow the grass, collect the mail, etc. When a home appears to be empty, it can become a target for burglars and scam artists. Keep your bank and all the utility companies up to date with either a forwarding address or your new address abroad. A good way to ensure that you can always see what is happening in your accounts is to sign up for e-billing with all your financial institutions and other agencies you deal with on a regular basis. Don’t forget to have your mail forwarded by the post office; even if most of your correspondence is online, this is still an important step to take.

Don’t Forget the Kids

You might be moving abroad in the summer when the children are on holiday from school, but if your international removal is taking place during the school year, keep the local education authority informed and communicate with the kids’ teachers so their transition can be free of trouble as well. It is never easy on children to be uprooted, and although they are resilient, there can be significant disruption in their schooling when moving abroad. This, of course, is especially the case when moving to a country where they must learn a new language. A little extra time on your hands to help them with those verb declensions can’t hurt, right?

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Stay Healthy While Moving and After that

Have you contacted all your medical providers and requested the medical and dental histories of everyone in your family? This is not something that should be left until the last minute, as if often takes a few weeks for you to receive the files. And this is definitely not information that you should leave home without – neither do you want it being mailed abroad, nor do you want to be caught off guard in a foreign place when something goes wrong medically. It’s best to carry the files with you so you have immediate access if necessary. You can determine ahead of time if your current insurance covers you wherever you are going, or you can see if your insurance provider doesn’t offer expatriate medical and travel insurance – many do. And don’t forget to find out about your tax liability and status, as it may change after moving abroad.

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Complete the Hire Removals Company Slot

That’s a lot of details to remember, but it’s not even all of the things that must get done before you hop on that plane and land in your new life. The first thing on your list of things to do should be to get a free quote from us today, then decide which services will ease your transition and free you up to perfect your preparations. When it comes to moving abroad, you really can’t be too prepared.

Call us today on 020 8746 4334 and you can cross “Hire Removals Company” off your list – just think of how good it will feel to have one fewer tasks separating you from your new home in your new country.

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