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Office Removals Differ Greatly from House Removals

Make Sure You are Informed about What to Expect

When it comes to office removals, how do you know where to begin? Most people have had the experience of moving to a new home or a new flat at some point in their lives. Even if you have only moved once in your life or as a child, you probably have some memory of the experience. Maybe you recall the corridor being lined with cardboard boxes, or you remember having to label all of the moving boxes. Maybe you remember popping the bubbles of the bubble wrap as a child, or the noise that the tape gun makes as it seals up your valuable belongings. Even if all you remember about moving is the excitement of heading to a new place or the dread of having to adjust and change, you likely have some idea of what moving entails.

The Difficulty of Office Removals

Office removals, however, are a very different experience from the typical house removals. With an office relocation, there is often more at stake. That’s because it is likely that a lot of people rely on your business for their livelihoods. Your employees – whether you have one or 101 – need your company to function and thrive in order to have reliable work and to have that pay check that helps feed their family. So when it comes time to begin your office relocation, there are a lot of other people to consider besides just yourself. If the removal isn’t a success and your business cannot get growing again, it may mean that the choice to relocate was detrimental to your business’ growth. However, a successful removal could mean that you will gain new customers, get more attention, be able to meet your customers’ needs better and therefore earn more revenue.

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You Want the Best on the Job

That’s why it’s so important to hire for your office relocation. We know the ins and outs of all types of office removals because it is our specialty. You shouldn’t hire just any removals company that catches your eye. Some removals companies may be excellent choices for a house removal, but moving of an office requires a special attention to detail and certain skills that not everyone can offer. There are many differences between a house removal and an office relocation. For one, there are probably many more pieces of furniture in your office than in your house – if you have a large office, that is. You most likely do not have numerous large desks and office chairs in your home. Nor do you have as many computers as you do family members. Maybe you do, but office computers are usually networked in a specific way and are often linked to a telecommunications system that your business relies on.

The Benefits You Get With Us

Before you start anything, be sure to check our offers. We have so many things we can surprise you with, and here is a sample:

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    The benefits you get with us

    You get the best deals and exclusive offers here with us.

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    Excellent packing

    We will provide the safest materials and the best packing.

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    Extended services to wherever you need

    We will take you anywhere you want.

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    Great storage

    Is there something you don’t plan on taking? Store with us!

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    100% customer satisfaction

    Move anywhere in the EU and be a happy customer.

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Taking Care of Your Successful Removals

These are just some of the things that our company has to be aware of every day when completing a successful moving of an office. Although there may not be boxes and boxes of clothing, including specific wardrobe boxes, there may be boxes and boxes of heavy legal volumes or other books that help you run your business. There may also be several large pieces of furniture such as file cabinets, conference tables, executive desks and bookshelves that must be dismantled before they can be transported. Why must they be dismantled? Well, in order to use the least amount of space – and therefore to keep your costs down – it is best to dismantle and securely load furniture into a smaller vehicle instead of having things rattle around in an empty truck. Plus, office furniture is usually on a larger scale than what people have in their homes because the rooms in offices might be larger, or the ceilings higher. That means that you need to have someone who can help you dismantle all those large pieces of furniture and wrap them carefully with bubble wrap or moving blankets. Not doing so would be putting your items at risk. You know that smart business managers and owners have to take some risks, but you definitely don’t have to risk your business’ property by not hiring a trustworthy company.

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Excellent Customer-Client Coordination

Another way that an office move differs from a house removal is that it likely affects more people. Not only will your employees need to make an adjustment, but your customers will need to adapt as well. Your employees may need to change their entire daily routine if you are moving across town. If you are moving to a different town, they may even need to move their place of residence. Your current customers will need to know where you are moving to, and how to get there. They will also need some advance notice – how will you inform them? By mail? A sign in the window? An email or advertisement? All of these details are important to consider when undertaking an office relocation and they may not be the first things you think of when you think “removal”. By offering you helpful hints and the ability to work closely with an office moving coordinator, you can be sure that you haven’t left any details off your list.

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The Excellent Delivery of Service You Need

House removals and office removals are similar, however, in that they both require a lot of planning, patience and energy. Don’t expect the job to get done overnight. By setting up your office move with plenty of time to plan before the movers and the moving vehicles arrive, you will be giving yourself the best chance at a successful office relocation. If you call to schedule an assessment and a removal at the last minute and need to be out of your current space in a hurry, it is likely that something on the list of details will be forgotten or neglected. If you are not the business owner, this could mean that you will look back in his or her eyes. And if you are the business owner, it may make you look bad in your employees’ and customers’ eyes. That’s why we recommend that you call today on 020 8746 4334 so that your office move can get underway today.

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