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Make use of Our Storage for Your Removals to Edgware, HA8

nw7 commercial removal service edgwarePlanning a large family move will take a lot of preparation and organisation, but one way you can alleviate the stress and hassle of moving day is to get some of your goods into the area beforehand by making use of local storage facilities. Removals London has a selection of secure and local storage facilities that might be able to help you when it comes to relocating into the Edgware area. Call us on 020 8746 4334 today to find out more about the options available and receive a free quote!

We Can Cater To a Range Of Needs across HA8 Areas

Our storage facilities can be very useful in many removals situations. If you are planning on renovating some of your new home in HA8 region, or have some DIY work to do before you can get settled, for example, making use of our local facilities can be very beneficial. As our storage facilities are based locally, you can store delicate items or other goods that would only be in the way when completing the work to your home, and still have easy access to them should you need anything. This also means you can get all your items into the local NW7 area on moving day and avoid having to complicate your moving schedule because of all your items.

We Can Be Of Use When You Are Downsizing Too

Storage is also very useful if you are downsizing, as we can hold your excess items for as long as you need, whether that may be until you have made more space available or simply plan to sell your excess items off. By making sure they are stored safely in our facilities in the HA8 district, you will be able to rest assured that whether you plan on making use of them again or selling them on, your items will be in good condition either way.

Get To Know More about Edgware

Edgware is part of the borough of Barnet, and an interesting mix of urban and rural areas. It is located in the northernmost part of London and forms one of the major residential and shopping hubs in the area, being identified as part of the London Plan as one of the 35 major town centres in the city. The combination of residential, shopping and rural areas has made Edgware a popular living location for those looking for access to all the benefits of living in a city but having access to the scenery of the countryside, too. Places such as Basin Lake and Edgwarebury Park offer wonderful opportunities to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

Make Sure You Get the Required Permits in Edgware Before The Removals Day

When planning your move to the Edgware area, we would advise that you contact the local council and apply for a parking permit as soon as you have set your moving date. Having a permit in place before you removals will be very helpful, as any vehicles you might have hired from us which need to unload your stored goods at your new home will then be covered by this permit for the duration of the contract. If you don’t have a permit, our vehicles may incur a fine, which you will then have to pay. This is, of course, and unnecessary and unpleasant expense to have to deal with on your first day in your new home, so simply check for more information on permits on the web page of the local council prior to moving day.

Let Us Assist You!

As mentioned, Removals London operates a number of storage facilities in the NW7 area, so if you are moving from outside London, this can be a great option for reducing the cost and logistics of moving day. The same goes for large inner city removals too, so call us on 020 8746 4334 now to see how our professional storage solutions can help you.

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