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Catford Removals Company

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Reliable Man and Van Services for Home Removals to Catford, SE6

se26 relocation company in catfordMoving home is often rated as one of the most stressful experiences of our lives, and this can be doubly true if you are trying to do the whole relocation to Catford yourself. It can often help to have some professionals on hand to help cope with the burden. So whether you are planning on using Removals London’s moving services to deal with the bulk of your moving requirements, or simply need a few removals experts on hand to help with the more difficult household items, simply call us on 020 8746 4334 today to find out how our team of movers can help you.

How Can We Benefit You in Catford?

As mentioned, our man and a van services will be a real benefit to your relocation to the SE6 region regardless of size or distance. If you are planning a smaller move, for example, and are dealing with the majority of the relocation yourself, having one of our man and van teams on hand can make the whole process much easier, and take some of the pressure off. You will probably need help when it comes to moving your larger furniture items and kitchen goods, for example, and our removals specialists are trained and experienced at handling these items. Not only is this safer for you, as you are at far less risk of injury, but it means you will have the manpower to speed up the whole moving process.

We Also Execute Larger Removals in SE6 Region

For larger moves to SE26 region, having one of our man and van removals specialists on hand can be a great extra help. The flexibility offered by our service means we are also happy to provide emergency removals should you encounter any difficulties during your relocation. Whether you need our man and a van service for simply transporting and handling your valuables, or as part of a larger and broader relocation, our friendly team can help make your relocation into the SE6 areas a smooth and stress-free experience, leaving you to enjoy your new home and explore the local area as soon as possible.

More Info about Catford

Catford is part of the Borough of Lewisham, located in South West London, and is considered to be one of the major centres in the city. Being located a little away from the centre of the city, Catford retains a slightly rural feel and has a lot of local shops and cafes that are unique to the area. There is a small shopping centre in addition to the high street, where is the well known ‘Catford Cat’, a large sculpture, adorning the entrance to it. Catford Market and Catford Broadway play a vital role to the local economy. The area is easily accessible by train, tube and bus.

Keep These Points In Mind

Before new residents move into the SE26 region, we do advise that they contact Lewisham council and apply for a parking permit as soon as they can. This is because any removal vehicles you hire will need to park outside your new home in order to unload and if no permit is held our vehicles can incur fines that the customer has to pay for, as we are in the customer’s employ. This can be easily avoided, however, by simply visiting the local council website and making sure a permit is in place well before moving day.

Hire Us for a Flawless Move in Catford!

Whatever your removals requirements might be, if you are planning a relocation to Catford then don’t forget to give Removals London a call once you have set your moving date. Our man with a van team is here to help answer any questions you might have pertaining to our service, and our professional movers are on hand to make your relocation go a bit smoother. Book our team now on 020 8746 4334 and let us help you!

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