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Book the Best Team for Your Office Removals to Canary Wharf, E14

e1 moving vans in canary wharfMoving office is a delicate procedure. Making sure that the relocation is fast and efficient is of course a key, but also you will want to know that the team you have hired to handle your confidential and delicate files and equipment will be professional and reliable. This is where we, Removals London, come in! Call us now on 020 8746 4334 to find out how our specialist team of movers can help get your office relocated to Canary Wharf efficiently, effectively, and with minimal impact to your business.

We Have the Expertise You Need in Canary Wharf

Any business will know that when it comes to relocating to new premises, speed, care and efficiency are paramount. That is why all our removal teams in E14 region are specially trained and experienced when it comes to moving your office goods. Handling critical items and documents is often a concern, but our removals team are experts when it comes to moving delicate equipment, and we ensure that all sensitive documentation and data are handled with the utmost care and consideration. We also specialise in a fast turnaround, making sure your new offices in E1 district are up and running in time for business on the day you specify.

DIY Removals Can Bring More Harm than Good

While some smaller businesses may be tempted to involve staff or attempt the move to the E14 region without hiring professional moving services, we would recommend against this. Not only can you be liable should anything happen to your staff if they are lifting heavy equipment or furniture, but our removal team will be much faster at packing, loading and unloading your equipment. While an office removal can be stressful, and we would recommend involving staff in the organisational aspects if required, all the heavy lifting should be left to our specialist movers, as we will ensure all your items and equipment reach your new premises fast, and with no damage.

What Should You Know About Canary Wharf?

Apart from being home to the second tallest building in the UK, Canary Wharf is the second major financial district in the London area, the other being Bank in the City of London. There is a large amount of office space in the area, although it is in constant demand due to the amount of international businesses that have a major presence or headquarters in Canary Wharf. In addition to the large number of banking and financial corporations that house their EU headquarters in the district, there are a large number of affiliate business and media companies present here.

Secure the Permits Required

It should be noted that before you move business premises to Canary Wharf, steps should be taken to ensure that your company has a permit for vehicles to park in or near your offices. If this is not in place, our removal vans may receive fines which your company will be held responsible and liable for. This is, needless to say, and unwanted and unpleasant additional expense, but can be easily avoided provided you hold the appropriate permit. More information can be found about what permit you need and how to apply on the respective website of the local council.

Let the Experts in E14 Region Assist You!

Regardless of whether you need our removals services for secure file transfer, bulky office equipment and furniture, or both, our team of professionals in E1  region will be more than happy to help. If you have any questions or queries about Removals London’s moving services, then make sure you call 020 8746 4334 today and we will do our best to make sure we are able to meet your office relocation requirements. We will make sure that all of your equipment and office goods are in place and ready to ensure that it’s business as usual for you and your team.

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