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27 November 2020

Tips on How to Make Moving Easier to Stockwell

Moving house seems to be high on the list when it comes to the worst in worries and individual inconvenience. With only a little bit of planning however, the issues ordinarily associated to relocating can be removed easily. Getting your head around the move before hand, rather than putting things off until the last minute will lead to easy Stockwell removals.

Using a decent removal company will be the start of making your move stress free. The British Association of Removers are a good place to start with finding the right company for you. They use a strict code of conduct which will assure you of their members’ friendliness and professionalism, so you can rest easy knowing that your move is being undertaken by individuals who really know what they are doing. Using a B.A.R company will let you know what to expect from your team, and allow you to make not of how they perform in order to avoid incurring any extra costs to your already fairly sizeable bill!

Shop around amongst the companies, don’t just settle for one which does what you need. When you know everything on offer, you will be in a position to barter for a better price from your firm, making sure that you aren’t paying for any of the services that you do not need. Make plenty of calls to the head of your team and make sure that you are friendly with them, so that there is no animosity between you and your removals staff. Being polite to each other will make the day much more easy and enjoyable for both parties, and certainly prevent many accidents that don’t need to happen!

Make an extensive list of everything that needs to be done before the move and start ticking things off a good month in advance. Planning well will reduce the stress of the unknown, so run your list past a friend to make sure that you have not missed anything important. Get the family and friends involved in helping you do larger and more daunting tasks, like packing up items, and reward them with a couple of quid here and there. You may even find that you have young strong relatives who are looking for a bit of extra cash, and would jump at the chance to make some money helping you out. if you can’t afford to pay enough to get a lot done, then get the whole family involved and give them a big meal at the end of the day, it will be fun for all the family and a great way to get them all around the table together!

Avoid travelling on weekdays, and if you have to, then do it during the middle of the day, to avoid the traffic as people rush home from work. Give your team a detailed list of everything that needs doing as they unload your items from the van, and make sure you oversee everything, so that you don’t get charged for extras, and they don’t get away with any damages. a detailed plan of the new house, with descriptions as to where everything goes is a must, as you need to avoid running around moving boxes from room to room at a later date. Make sure your movers also know where heavy items need to be placed exactly, and label each room so that they correspond with the appropriate boxes. All of these things will save time in the long run and help to de-stress your move, making things a lot more pleasant for everyone!

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