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30 November 2020

Aspects To Consider In the Home Buying Process

Most often when people finally decide to purchase a home of their own they put a large portion of their savings on the table and with a decision and transaction of that nature it is important to have satisfaction in your investment. Buying a home whether it is brand new or pre-owned is indeed an investment and in most cases it is a long term or lifetime investment. Remember your rights as a buyer and as a consumer, you do not have top bend or be pressured into anything you are not 100% sure about.

Remain aware that you do not have to stick with any choice you make unless of course, you sign a contract but never do this without 100% certainty and even then it is best to have someone else you trust have above a 50% certainty. Many real estate agents will use tactics to pressure buyers into jumping on what they know catches your fancy and it is good to know that if you feel pressured, you can take your things and walk away. Just because you use a certain agency or agent doesn’t mean you are obligated to use their service or be satisfied with the service they provide.

Beware of agents or representatives that try to get you to sign an exclusivity agreement. This is something that some of the lower level agents will try to make you do and this can be a legal headache to deal with later, if you decide not to use them for your purchase. An exclusivity agreement will basically say that you are legally obligated to use their service for the purchase of your home and there will likely be a stipulation that reads “If buyer finds a home outside of the ”blah, blah” network then they are still obligated to pay the “blah, blah” commission.” Try to stay away from these types of agents they will bring you nothing but trouble in your search for a home.

Remember that there are other sources available after finding the house of your dreams to make sure it is everything that it seems. Home inspectors and home appraisers are always needed to aid the buyer in a specific direction. They will help you answer such questions as is the home worth the price that it is being offered at? Is it sound structurally? And other vital questions that you may or may not know how to find the answers to. If you have an agent or you are dealing directly with an owner that does not want the home to be inspected or appraised, then use right to walk away from them and find another place to look at. If they have a problem or do not allow you to call in your own professional advisors then there may be something that they do not want known about the place they are selling.

With just this little bit of advice, you are sure to have a positive home buying experience and the journey to the home of your dreams will not be a long and frustrating one.

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