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30 November 2020

Your Moving Checklist to W3

Moving to the area of W3 (Acton) in London and having no idea where to start? You are not alone – millions of people with no experience move every year, but this is nothing to be worried about.

Frustration, stress and panic won’t be much helpful when you need to plan an entire house move and settle down properly. Whether you have just bought a new house or a flat or you will be renting the property, the move will be stressful and tiresome – there is no question about that. There are some tips which can help you stay organized and manage with each and every step of the move. The first thing to do is make some lists – the inventory, the tasks, the budget. Following lists throughout the relocation process is quite useful as it will also allow you to keep proper track of your expenses. Here is a checklist of the things you should do to ensure an easy and successful house move with as little stress as possible.

• Choose the date and base it on your budget, time and other plans. Consider that moving from May to September is the most expensive time. It’s also harder to find a good moving company that is available in this timeframe, unless you book much earlier.

• Are you renting out your current place? Inform your landlord of the moving date and sort out any issues that may arise.

• Start organizing your time and your belongings. If you are planning to pay for packing services, you still need to take the inventory and arrange for the purchasing of packing material. Nobody knows your household and belongings better than you. If you have artwork, valuables and fragile items, you will need specialty boxes. If you need to move a piano, inform the moving company so they can hire a professional for the task. Don’t assume that the team of packers will magically pack and wrap everything you point to them. Many items require special packaging, techniques and handling, so you need to state them in advance.

• The more organized you are before the move, the easier the unpacking will be. Labeling the boxes is one of the most important tasks – think where each item will go and pack accordingly. If you have a layout of your new home, discuss the design and arrangement with your family.

• Phone the utility providers and cancel your water, phone, Internet and gas supply if you own the place or give the new address to the utility companies.

• Shop around for things you will need for your new home and arrange for their delivery there so you don’t have to pay for moving them too.

• Make the necessary arrangements for new school for your children, for moving pets, transferring medical and dental records and academic diplomas.

• Collect the keys for the new home from the real estate agent and ensure that you arrive at the destination before the moving truck to avoid being charged an extra fee for the delay.

• Ensure that the property you are leaving is clean and looks its best.

• Have a box or a bag packed with your essentials for the first hours after the move.

This is the easiest and most efficient checklist you could follow for the upcoming house move.

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