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30 November 2020

Ways to Welcome New Neighbors in your SE11 Home

If you have been living in the SE11 area for some time now, you may not have recently had any new neighbours, and so you may not be sure as to the best way to welcome new neighbours to the community when you do finally have some. Making an effort to your new neighbour is a great way to help the to fit into the area quicker and make them feel more at home, furthermore it forms the basis of a good relationship, which is important to have with the person or people living next door.

There are some cheap and free ways that you can welcome your new neighbours, and there are some more expensive options. If you would like to do something a bit more elaborate but cannot afford too, why not consider asking some of your other neighbours to chip in and make it a welcoming present from the neighbourhood.

To help you better decide what type of welcoming to give your new neighbours, you should try to get an idea as to who is going to be living there and therefore who you are buying a welcoming present for. As the real estate agent that is in charge of the property for some more information.

You should try to visit your new neighbours as soon as you can, you want to show them that you have made the effort to prepare a welcome visit and gift, and this will be ruined if you happen to bump into them while you are both in the garden. Of course, you don’t want to rush round there as soon as the removal men have left, let them have some time to settle in first.

When you meet your neighbours for the first time, tell them important and useful bits of information about the area, things like the days the bins are collected, what the community is like, whether there is a neighbourhood watch scheme and how the new neighbours can get involved. Avoid giving them too much information in one go, but prepare for a lot of questions from the new owners of the house next door.

Put together some kind of welcoming pack for your neighbour that contains information and maps of the local area, make a note of where things like the doctors, the hospital, the shops etc. are. Include in this pack things like community newsletters, business cards for local business as vouchers, and things like take away menus for the area.

Make your new neighbour a home cooked meal, they will thoroughly enjoy this after a day of moving home and will be very grateful. If you do not want to prepare a meal consider a home baked alternative, like bread or cookies.

You could put together a basket there are different ideas, a soup basket with breads, soups, croutons, bowls spoons etc. A fruit basket, or a gourmet basket with cooked meats, cheeses and bread or crackers. Or even just a basics basket with things like bread, milk, cereal, soups, cheeses and meats, basic things that the new neighbours might need.

A potted plant is always a nice gift idea to help a new neighbour settle into their new home quicker.

If none of these appeal to you, why not just offer a simple dinner invite to the neighbours, or offer to have their children while they unpack, its these simple little offers that they will appreciate.

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