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30 November 2020

Important Things to Consider When Moving Office to Hackney

Hackney is a great place to have an office. Either you are in a creative industry and the area and building can reflect your aesthetic values, and further promote your company brand, or you run a less creative business and want to inject a bit of life into the company’s persona buy hiring offices in a trendy and culturally buzzy area. While Hackney may be full of great bars and restaurants for lunch or after work, and amazing buildings in which to house your hard work, there are pitfalls to moving office, and you should be concentrating ton them for the time being. There are many things to consider before moving office to Hackney, and most of them are the same for office removals in any part of the country, mostly revolving around loosing as little working time as possible in order to keep your business moving forwards either side of the move, and not reducing productivity at any point whatsoever.

Start by making a fully comprehensive list of that which needs doing. Assign every task to those in the Hackney moving team who are best suited to them, and you should be able to make the list into a manageable rundown of things to get done. When this is sorted, you can timetable each event into a workable order that should either be stretched out into small jobs across a month or so, which should not get in the way of the rest of the office working, or, packed in to an intense week of work in which the office is cleared and everything is moved as quickly as possible. Either way, you will have a couple of days worth of people not working, but if you can limit these days of downtime then that will obviously increase your profits around that time.

With the timetable in progress, you will need to book your removals company. The best way to make sure that you get the company that you want on the day you need, for the perfect price for your budget is to book them well in advance. Many Hackney removal companies will offer great deals in order to get advance work booked up, and you will often find that by getting a few quotes in you can find a company who will be right for you. There are a few things to look out for when trying to find the right company for you however, as there will companies who are perfect for your needs, as well as many who will be completely inadequate. You should only use a company who are geared up towards office removals, as if yours is a large office, then you will need specialists who are used to working with packing up computers and other sensitive machinery, as well as large volumes of furniture like desks and chairs. You can also check that the services that you will be paying so much are as good a they sound by looking at independent reviews sites, on which previous customers will have left testimonials as to the services they received. Each company will have an average score based on the ratings that customers have given them, so you can even rank your options in order to give you a better idea of their placing!

Hopefully these hints and tips for office preparation will help your move become a simple and easy process that won’t be the cause of too many heart attacks in the accounting department!

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