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30 November 2020

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring A Fulham Moving Company

Relocating, whether or not it is a house or office move, is a stressful with many worrying about the reliability of the company they have hired to transport their belongings. It is important that you make sure your Fulham Removals are professional and legitimate to ensure your items are moved properly. To do this, and avoid the cowboy’s traps, here are some questions you should ask before you hire anyone for your move:

1. Please send a surveyor
All removal companies should send a surveyor over free of charge so that they can get a better understanding of how much you are looking to move. It is important that you show them everything, including bulky or fragile items so that you can get an accurate quote from them. When they do offer you a quotation make sure you ask for it to be a formal written quote, that way you have documentation of the price quoted in case they dispute it at any point.

2. Are their staff trained? If so, who by?
One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Fulham removal firm instead of a Fulham man and van service is that they are trained and skilled at transporting your possessions safely. Due to this is it best to check with your removal company that their staffs are trained at handling your items. The British Association of Removers and other industry bodies offer training so if they are trained by them you are in good hands.

3. What size vans do they offer?
Another benefit of hiring a removal company is the promise of larger vehicles that enable you to do your move in the least amount of trips possible. To ensure your company is equipped to deal with the size of your job make sure you ask them about their van sizes so that you can be certain they have a vehicle big enough. No one wants to spend moving day waiting for small vans to go back and forth loading and unloading.

4. Do they supply packing boxes?
Some removal companies supply boxes where as others sell you boxes and will most likely buy and spare unused ones back off you after the move. It is best to check with your company which way they do it so that you aren’t left waiting for boxes that never arrive. If they do provide boxes make sure you ask how many they will prepare in advance and how many they will bring on the day. That way you know how many boxes you will have when you start your packing process.

5. Ask to see their insurance and VOSA number.
It is important that you make sure your possessions are insured during transit just in case anything happens to them during the move. Any reputable removal company SW6 will have insurance so for your own peace of mind you should ask to see it just in case they insurance doesn’t cover something specific that you are aiming to move. Also, if the move means they will be operating a good vehicle over a certain weight they will need an operations licence so you must ask to see their VOSA number to make sure they have this licence.

6. Ask for contact and payment information.
Last but by no means least is asking for payment and contact details. Many cowboys operate solely from mobile numbers and deal with cash only. Make sure you get a landline number and an address for your company so that you can contact them if there is a problem. Almost all reputable removal companies will accept card or cheque payments as well as cash payments.

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