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30 November 2020

How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move To Swiss Cottage

If you need to move long-distance to Swiss Cottage in London, there are plenty of tasks to go through to ensure a successful shifting of your entire household. It’s not easy to plan a long-distance move, but it’s also not as tough as you may think. Millions of people do it every year and you can do it too. Moving across the country and settling down in London will definitely bring plenty of changes to you routine and life. If you are moving from another country, the changes will be even bigger.

Moving long-distance requires a solid strategy, a good plan and a detailed schedule which will keep you focused and well-organized throughout the relocation. You also need an adequate budget for this move, which is pricier than a local move. With a reliable plan you can manage easier than you expect. Let’s take a look at the different stages of your long-distance move preparation process.

• Decluttering: You might have not cleaned your garage, basement or even closets for years, but before a long-distance house move you will definitely have to do it. Removing the clutter and doing an overall house clearance is essential. This will lower the amount of your shipment and ensure that you won’t clutter your future home either.

• Thinking: That’s right, you need to think carefully about each detail of your long-distance house move. Know where you are moving to – a studio or a big house? Will you have an additional bedroom to use for storage? Do you have to downsize and get rid of some old items? Gather information about the place you are relocating to – the neighborhood, the housing, the lifestyle, the transport, the parks, the schools, the vehicle laws and more. Adapting to the new location will be quicker if you simply know more about it in advance.

• Systemize: Organize your belongings into categories and even subcategories. Think of the labeling of each box – fragile, sturdy, essential, non-essential, according to room, etc. This way it will be easier to pack and much faster to unpack too. Remember that the best way to manage is by packing room by room and doing it like the professionals. With quality packing material there is no reason not to manage like a trained packer.

• Get help: Call some friends and relatives to help you with the packing process. It’s an exhausting process which can be finished within a few days if you have a few helping hands. There are a lot of moving details that you need to consider, so you make sure your schedule is on point and you are ready for the arrival of the moving truck.

The ultimate rules for a successful long-distance move are more or less the same as those for a short-distance one. What you need to take care of in the very beginning is finding a reputable moving company with plenty of experience and expertise in long-distance relocations. This will ensure that your move goes stress, damage and hassle-free and this is a huge benefit. Moving to London will definitely be one of the biggest experiences in your life, so you need to make sure that it goes successfully and professionally. Follow your checklist, stick to the budget and deal with the emotional side of the move too.

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