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30 November 2020

How to Pack for a Move to Kensington

Most people who have moved house would tell you that packing is the hardest stage of all, taking time, money and physical labour which is overall quite exhausting. In fact, packing does take a while and it requires all the right material, supplies and tools, but unpacking and organizing the house is definitely tougher. Every family expects packing to be hard and therefore they are ready for its challenges. However, more and more people nowadays choose to pack everything on their own, so they can save money on professional packing services and they can have the peace of mind that their belongings are taken good care of. Professional packing services are great and they save time and lots of energy and effort, but no stranger would ever understand how important an item is, as this is simply their job. It’s true that you get insured for everything the minute they start packing, but this doesn’t guarantee the lack of accidents. So what are the principles of the efficient packing that every family on the move should adopt when packing on their own?

1. Stay organized: This means that at any given moment you know how the process is going and what’s been packed and where. The moving boxes are being labeled on the go and everyone who is packing is keeping track of the inventory list. Items are sorted out according to their use (essential and non-essential), the room they belong to and whether they are sturdy or fragile. Therefore, there is enough packing material for all sorts of items. Pack room by room and box by box and ensure that everyone helping has their own tasks.

2. No rushing: If you are rushing through the packing process, chances are it won’t go very well and you will end up breaking or damaging an item. Make sure that everyone who is helping with the packing is aware that self-packing means no insurance, so if you break something it’s your own fault and loss. Start the process early enough so you can be finished before the movers arrive with the moving truck.

3. Get rid of the clutter: A move is more than just a shifting of your belongings from one location to another. It also involves reevaluation of everything you own, use and need. Most homes nowadays are packed with all sorts of items and people seem to throw away less and less. There is no point paying for packing and moving of old and useless items that you don’t even need anymore. Your options are a few: junk the clutter, donate it to charity, sell it or give it to a friend. Everything you don’t use has no place in your future home.

4. Pack properly: Use the smaller moving boxes for heavier items, such as books and bigger boxes for lighter items. Use dish boxes with dividers for your china, plates and glasses and apply plenty of paper or bubble wrap for cushioning between and around each item. Don’t overfill the boxes, but be careful not to leave too many voids. Pack fragile items and electronics in a few layers of bubble wrap.

Packing for your house move to Kensington is easier than you think. If you are doing a long-distance move, make sure you use quality material, as the safety of your items inside the truck is the most important.

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