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30 November 2020

Easy Moving to West London

Moving home is typically a complicated and stressful process, there’s a lot to take care of; like the packing, loading, as well as the transport and storage arrangements.

It is really worth it though, especially if you’re moving to the West End of London. It’s not only the big business side of the capital, with shops to suit all price ranges, but it’s also known for its entertainment venues. There are art galleries and theatres if you want a bit of culture, and a variety of nightclubs and bars if you don’t. If the prospect of moving to the most active London quarter has whetted your appetite, here’s how to get started.

Packing made easy

You’ve got to keep in mind that you should only take what you need and what you really want so a clear-out or at least a quick tidy up should be your first step. Find everything that’s broken and of absolutely no use to anyone, and get rid of them – recycle what you can, and throw out the rest. As for the useful items that you’ve not used for years, like old clothing and appliances, sell them off to help with your moving costs. This’ll make your move less stressful, especially if the move is already pulling at your purse strings.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you’re taking, you can get your packing materials. Think moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labelling tools and other such items. Get a hold of them in advance, and start your packing with plenty of time to spare. Naturally, you’ll be packing the less useful items first, and leaving everyday living items until the day of the move. Remember, take great care, especially when packing away the fragile items, and organise your moving boxes by labelling them accordingly. A good way to do this is to label them by room and/or what their contents are (living room, books, etc.)

Hiring a moving company

To make your move even more simple, consider hiring a proper moving service. It’s less expensive than you might think and will take a load off your mind and muscles. Most companies offer a packing and loading service in addition to the transportation of your goods, and can always be counted on to arrive in a timely manner. Though, keep in mind that you should do plenty of research and shop around for the right company. You should keep quality of service ahead of low costs, so ask your friends, relatives and neighbours about the movers they’d recommend. If they’ve done good work for one of your relatives, there’s no reason for them not to do the same for you.

Another thing to consider is any additional services they may offer – if you need help with packing and the disassembly of larger items, then shop around for a company that’ll do that. Van sizes can be a potential issue too, be sure they have enough carrying capacity for your move, but don’t pay out the nose for a van that’s way too large. And, to be on the safe side, make sure they’re properly insured too; ask them if they’re covered for public liability – so you can get the right amount of compensation if something goes wrong.

So, moving doesn’t have to be too much hard work after all. By planning in advance, and getting a hold of the right moving company, you can be living in London’s West End before you know it. Then, you can just get adjusted to life in the bustling shopping and entertainment capital of the capital.

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