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30 November 2020

Checklist for Moving to E3 Area

You have taken the decision to move out of the E3 area. Whether it is to a completely new town, a move to another county or to another country will need to plan your move and the best way to plan is to make a checklist. You may end up having more than one checklist but they are invaluable as they are your thoughts on what you need to do and remember to pack.

If you prefer the paper and pen approach then write your checklist down. Using a designated notebook would be a good idea as then you won’t mislay sheets of paper and it will let you keep other items relating to the move in one place. Always have an elastic band handy as the notebook may end up bulging with receipts and printouts and it will stop things falling out.

If you are more inclined to use a computer for your checklist then a spread sheet or tabled document would help. This way you can enter everything in an orderly manner and then mark it off once complete. This may prove a bit difficult when it comes to a certain stage of the move, unless you are using a tablet or laptop, as the computer will get packed away! If this is going to be an issue then you print out your spread sheet or tabled document and then mark off in pen when things are done.

Ideas for your Checklist

As soon as you know you are moving then make a checklist to remind you of things you need to do and contact numbers when organising your move. Some things will need to be done a number of weeks before you move while others will be a few days and on the day itself. There are things that you will think of straight away; date of move, quotes from removal companies, collecting boxes and other packing materials (if you are not using a packing service provided by the removal company), if you need new furniture for your house you will need to order it in for delivery to your new address, book time off from work and organise help with your children & pets (if you have them), rope in friends and family to help on the day and collecting the keys to your new home.

Things that you might not have thought off are informing your work of your new address, let your suppliers (gas, electricity, water, telephone & TV) know you are moving and when & take meter readings. Make sure your building and contents insurance start on the right dates for your new home and that the contents insurance is updated to reflect any new purchases. Let the Post Office know you are moving so your mail is redirected and inform TV Licensing so your new address is covered.

When it comes to packing, whether you are doing it yourself or the removal company is doing it, it is an idea to keep some items with you. To ensure you have that moving lifeline cup of tea or coffee pack the kettle, tea, coffee, cups, spoons & milk together and carry them with you. It might also be an idea to look at local restaurants and take-aways in the area you are moving to so you know you can get lunch or dinner on your moving day.

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