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30 November 2020

Cheap Moving House to NW3

The NW3 postcode district of London is a very beautiful place; it encompasses both Belsize Park and part of Primrose Hill, which are two of the prettier natural parks in the capital. Primrose Hill in particular is often praised for having some of the best views in the south – these, along with the scenery of Hampstead Heath (also located in the NW3) makes moving here a tantalising proposition. Especially if you love nature, or require some creative inspiration …

However, when moving house there are lots of different costs involved. There’s buying supplies; like the packing tools and materials, as well as food and drinks for the trip. If you’re hiring a NW3 mover, there’s also their services to pay for – their fuel and labour doesn’t come cheap. There’s also indirect costs, like the fact you’ll have to take time off work to prepare for and actually make the move. It doesn’t have to be like this, however – here are a few ways to soften the dent to your wallet;

Selling things you don’t want or need is a great way to keep money in your wallet. For one, by getting rid of some of your things, you’re cutting down on the amount of stuff you need to pack, and in turn you’re saving money on packing materials and storage space. And, well, you can make a bit of cash from these useless-to-you goods. So you can make some of the money back that you spent on the move. It’s an excellent strategy, as long as you’re willing to be ruthless with a clear out.

Now, when it comes to the actual moving process, you’ve got to make a choice. It’s possible to save a lot of money by cutting the moving company out of the equation altogether, and simply renting a van and doing everything yourself. You’re not paying for any staff, after all, so of course it’ll be cheaper. But with less expenses comes more work – not only will you have to take care of the packing process, but you’ll also have to plan the route and drive yourself there too. By doing this, you’ve got to make sure you hire the right sized van for the job – make an estimate of how many boxes and large items you’ll be taking, and then shop around for the right deal. Also, make sure it comes with guide ropes or elastic to hold your boxes in place. You don’t want to save money by skimping on the protection of your goods. Eventually, with enough research you’ll find the right van for you. If you and your family are willing to take this extra work on board, you could save a fortune. If not, then the next tip may be for you.

You can easily save money on your move by going for a Man with van moving service instead. What’s one of those you ask? Well, it’s basically a stripped down version of a moving company, with less disadvantages than you might think. You’ll be hiring a man and his van (predictably) and a couple of members of staff, and they’ll handle the transportation of your goods. They’re typically cheaper than a moving service because they’re typically local companies, and have less man power at their disposal. They can still get the job done though, if you shop around and get a good deal. Take a flick through the small ads to find one near you, and let them do the rest. Some will even handle the packing and disassembly, just like a big moving firm.

So, with these money saving tips, you can move to the NW3 with a little extra change in your pocket. Now you can just figure out how to spend it. A day out, perhaps? Some new furnishings? Or will it be going straight to the bank, just in case of a rainy day? You never know when some extra cash will come in useful …

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