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24Oct 2014

There are many reasons why we make the decision to move house, but an excess of money may not necessarily be one. Moving house can be an expensive process when furniture removals and van hire are taken into consideration. For low income earners and students, these expenses may make moving house seem very stressful and daunting. These tips are here to help you minimise costs during the move.

-    If you decide to hire a van or a man with a van service, look closely at prices and quotes and read the fine print carefully. When hiring a removal service, the last thing you want is additional unexpected hidden costs at the end of the service. If you get an online quote, keep a copy of it. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible if hiring through a removal company.

-    Consider what packing and moving materials you will need and gather them all in one place. During the pre-move clean, you’ll probably find an abundance of hidden tape rolls and permanent markers – keep these handy as it will save you buying new supplies.

-    Instead of spending a fortune on moving boxes, use your environmentally friendly grocery bags. You probably have a decent stash lying around home and in the car. These are perfect to pack non-fragile items and will save a lot of money on boxes.

-    For fragile items, use tea towels, bed linen and other fabrics to wrap them up and line the boxes, rather than buying an excess of bubble wrap.

-    Keep any boxes flattened in case you end up moving again as this will save costs in the future.

-    Make sure you disconnect phone, internet and other utilities at your old place, so that you don’t end up paying excess charges for something you aren’t using.

-    Consider the distance you are moving and weigh up fuel costs. For example, if you are moving a long distance it will be more economical to hire a van and do everything in one trip. Likewise, if you are moving a short distance it might be better value to do multiple shorter trips without hiring a van.

-    Another alternative is using the freight train service to move heavy boxes and furniture, depending on the distance you are moving. This can work out to be cheaper than removal companies and hiring a van.

Next, consider what option you are going to use when moving furniture is involved. Are you prepared to do it yourself and put in a few extra hours of labour? Or is assistance required at this point? Keep in mind that the manual labour can take a considerable toll on the body, so if you are doing a fair portion of it yourself, ensure that you stay hydrated and eat healthy, high energy snacks throughout the process. Assistance can come in the following ways without breaking the budget:

-    Hiring a van and loading, packing and unpacking the items yourself

-    Getting family and friends to help load and unload

-    Using a friend’s or family member’s trailer if available

-    If possible, start moving boxes earlier to the new place instead of doing it all on moving day

Ultimately, there will be different options that work best for you depending on your circumstances. Read advice, listen to friends and family who have been through similar moves, and consider all possible outcomes of each scenario to ensure that you are moving in the least stressful and most economical fashion.

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