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27 November 2020

How To Moving Back In With the Parents

If it weren’t bad enough, it’s time to move into a new place, whatever the reason is that the move has to take place and the only choice left is to move back in with your parents! Yay! You are so excited that you don’t tell anyone, your mom is happy, she has already told everyone in the neighborhood that her kid is moving back in for a while! You know it is going to be tough, you are used to doing things your way and don’t really want to deal with your parents and their drama again. That’s why you move out in the first place, right? Here are some ways to deal with moving back in with your parents.

If the problem is lecturing by your mom and pop then there is a great way to avoid this. The secret is to never be there for them to have time to chat with you about all your mistakes in life or your future plans. Popping in and out is the best thing to do if the parents are retired.  If they are not retired and wake up early for work, then it is probably a good idea to wake up before them and stop at a coffee joint before work. The benefits in this are plenty, you get to meet new people, have a coffee, avoid long talks with your parents and it is likely you won’t be late for work, if you work.

If privacy is a concern when moving back in with your parents, then it is time to get old school. This is quite simple, all you need to do is get a door stop and put it at the bottom of the door if it doesn’t have locks. To add the extra touch, get some markers or colorful pens and a nice sheet of construction paper and be prepared to get creative. Now that you have all the materials you will need to make an awesome “keep out” sign to hang on the outside of your bedroom door.
Unless your parents are overbearing, it’s not so bad to move back in with them. All the little things that you remember about your parents when growing up are probably a little exaggerated. The truth is that most parents love to have their kids nearby and if it means that maybe they need to help their kid out for a while then it’s no matter. In fact in a recent survey the majority of parents welcome their kids with open arms and are very happy to have them accept an invitation to stay for a while or to have them just show up. Most parents just don’t invite their kids to stay with them for a while because they do not want to interfere with their child’s adult life.

In other words your parents are likely happy that you will be blessing their home with your presence once again. So there is no need to worry about what they will think about you staying with them for a period of time.

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