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27 November 2020

Location is Important when Moving House

The location of a property is probably considered a lot more important than the actual property itself. In order to find your perfect home, you’ll need to properly research and consider the area before signing a contract.

The family

For whatever size family, there are many factors to consider when buying or renting a new home. But the main steps towards choosing a location can be cut-down into a couple of easy steps. Firstly, the quality of a location will be dependent of what is built-up around it. You’ll need to look into the local primary/secondary schools and even sixth forms. Education couldn’t be more important when it comes to your children’s future. Whether you’ve got a toddler, a seven year old, a five year old or a mixture of infants and teens, using reports online and taking the time to visit schools will make the world of difference when it comes to your children’s school and higher education life. Once you’ve considered the education system, the next is local services: doctor surgeries, dentists, hospitals, even the local authorities. Knowing three the nearest police station and doctors are will add to the security and ease of safety when living in a new area. And finally, the local amenities, such as whether there are playgrounds, leisure centres, a cinema, big park, supermarkets and local entertainment can make deciding on a property a lot easier. Remember, you make a house a home but you can’t change its location.

The friends

Living with friends will always be slightly different to living with your family. Space is probably as important as the location. If there’s a couple of you, you’ll all want a nice size room and a social living area plus a big kitchen. The number of bathrooms can be important too. If you’re the only female, see if your estate agent knows of any en-suites that you could consider. If you’re a large group of girls, perhaps a few bathrooms will be more appropriate. Depending on your education and work status, you may be studying or have a job in a local city. Transportation links are important. Make sure you’re living close enough a train/bus station. If you’re studying, find out how far your university establishment or college is. If you’re working, you’ll need to know again how long it will take to get to work and whether any other opportunities or transfers could arise in your new area, especially if you’re looking to reside in a suburban area. And finally, local bars, restaurants and fitness facilities will improve and count towards your social life, so researching into these and finding out from local word of mouth where the best places are is key.

The individual

When living alone, you’ll need to consider most of the points above including how close you will be to your friends and family. Unless moving further away, you’ll then need to research transport links and distances. You may be starting afresh, so moving to a city or suburban area will mean the location is key in finding that new job or place of study. Local shops and restaurants, other towns and cities of interest will build up around your life in a particular location so if you know of people who live there or have moved there make sure you speak to other regarding a final choice of where to live and what is available for you. Location will entirely depend on your individual circumstance but bear in mind the simple factors that count towards a better quality of life before signing.

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