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27 November 2020

Simple Ways To Keep Your Furniture Intact And Free From Any Damage During Removals SW1

Damaging your furniture is always a worry when you are preparing for a move. However there are 3 simple ways you can minimise the risk of breakages and ensure that your furniture is damage free at the end of your SW1 house move.

1. Deconstruct it
The first thing you need to do when considering your SW1 furniture removal is to deconstruct it as much as possible. By taking it apart you will enable your SW1 Removal Company to load and transport it more safely and efficiently. Taking the legs off tables and removing the shelves from bookcases reduces the surface area vulnerable to scratches and also minimises weak spots that may attract damage. However, if you do take any furniture apart, make sure you seal all fixtures and fittings in a to sealable bag and that the bag is taped firmly to the item. This way you minimise the stress when it comes to re-building your furniture when you are unpacking.

2. Pad it
Once you have deconstructed your furniture as much as possible it is then important that you wrap it effectively so that you can protect it against damage whilst it is being moved. You can use blankets and towles as well as bubble wrap and plastic wrap to add padding and protection to your items. This will not only protect the surface of your furniture from scratched and dents it will also absorb the shock from any knock or bumps. This will help to minimise any potential splits, cracks or breaks during the move. You can also purchase specialist furniture pads from your Removal Company or local hardware shops. These are specially shaped foam pads that are designed to lay flat against the surface of your furniture and protect it during transit. You may find that your removal company will provide these during you move but you should ask to make sure.

3. Hire a Specialist
Furniture Removal Companies SW1 are trained professionals and will be able to use their expertise to make sure that your furniture is protected during transit. They will advise you on how to wrap and protect your furniture as well as providing you with the materials to do so. As well as this they will have specialist equipment to lift and load heavier items of furniture so that there is no risk of dragging and damaging your items. As well as this their vehicles will be specially designed to carry furniture safely and securely. Make sure that your removal company straps down your furniture so that it is held securely during transit. This will stop the furniture shifting around as it is being transported and will stop it from falling and damaging itself and the other items in the truck with it. If you are unsure about the way an item has been loaded, query it. These people are professionals and they want you to be happy with their service so they will allow you to make sure you are satisfied with the way everything is loaded and secured.

If you follow these three steps you should keep your furniture damage free during your move. However, to be able to carry out these three steps effectively you need time. Make sure that you start preparing for your move early so that you have enough time to source specialist movers and to ensure your items are wrapped sufficiently. If you rush your packing you are more likely to wrap your items badly and therefore run the risk of damaging your furniture during your move.

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