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27 November 2020

Facts You Need to Know Before Moving To Swiss Cottage

The London Borough of Camden is one very interesting place to visit and come to live to. It is located in the central part of the town and belongs to a district called Inner London.

Swiss Cottage is one significant part of the borough. Its name has very interesting origin going back to the middle of the 19th century. There was an inn back then, named Swiss Tavern. It was built in 1804 and with its architecture and style reminded very much of the typical Swiss chalets. After some time the tavern from the name of the place was removed by the word cottage, and as it is one of the oldest objects in the area, the whole region took the name of the former tavern.

Back in the time, it has not always been existing independently. At first it was just a parish of the bigger district of Hampstead. The process of the area becoming a well formed part of Inner London began with the Finchley Road Act and the authorization for the construction of the road with the same name. If the building of this very significant road was one of the big moments for the area, another one like this happened in 1937-1938 when Odeon cinema appeared in the neighborhood. The building of the Regency Lodge flats was not less significant and memorable moment.

The first impressions of a person coming to live in the area can be described as for a region being one major intersection – meaning figuratively and literally. In pure geographical aspect it is the place where four big roads are meeting – Finchley Road, which was mentioned above, the Adelaide Road, Belsize Road from the west and finally Avenue Road coming straight from the south direction. Considering this fact prior to all other advantages of the area, people who are planning to come and stay here, will soon understand that this is quite busy section. The traffic is usually more than awful and this might be a huge problem for somebody, so take that in mind when thinking over the option to move here permanently. The cars going up and down the roads in the area are not the only problem, for the walking people it will not be too much to be said that is almost impossible to cross the street at any point. A person can do that at one of the five crossing sections in the area, and they are often not close enough.

Figuratively it is an intersection of some of the most interesting and nice neighborhoods of Inner London, like for example St. Johns Wood and Hampstead, as the last one is the largest in the area. Up in the hills surrounding people will notice Belsize Park – one great spot for recreation and spending time out in the open.

The people a person will see on the streets are also very interesting part of the neighborhood.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the area, besides the traffic and the noise, is the lack of nice big shops to go to. Though the place does not have a reputation of a village part, the choice of places to go and pick clothes and other stuff is too limited for such big and central area.

Among the Londoners the region is not very popular and people would hardly find any useful information even on the internet. However if a person finds nice place to live on a quiet little street and makes it cozy and comfortable, when he is looking positively at things, one can actually find this region of crossroads very interesting and thrilling.

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