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27 November 2020

Way To Move Your Things In And Around Richmond

With it’s large amount of grassy areas and parks, teamed with the exquisite view of the Thames from its bridges. It’s no secret that Richmond is the home to the feel good population of London. Add to that the nigh on recession-proof retail outlets, and it should be clear that it’s a good place to live.

Whether or you’re moving house, moving office or just want something heavy transported over a few miles, hiring a Man with Van service is usually the best and most personal approach. They have a wide variety of different vans on offer, small vans, large vans, minibuses, there’s always one to suit you. They’re usually the cheapest on the market, too, because of their ‘what you see is what you get’ approach. There’s no fancy marketing, no fuss, just a man and his van.

So, what should you look for to hire the most suitable firm for the job? Well, you should certainly start local. This might not sound necessary, but scheduling a job from a firm that’s based close by is more convenient for both parties – it will be more likely that they will be able to stick to deadlines, therefore the job can get done in a timely manner. Once you’ve found a short list of companies based locally, do some research into them, see if there’s any customer feedback. If you do and it’s positive, then you’re pretty much guaranteed good customer service with all of the relevant services. Another good way to tell of a company’s quality is with their credentials. Do they employ van drivers with experience of moving expensive objects, for example paintings and antiques? If they do, it’s definitely a safe bet they’ll be extra careful with your goods.

What services should you be looking out for? Well, taking into account that you will want your goods to arrive in the same condition as they were when you left, make sure at the very least they have guide ropes and elastic in the loading area for keeping boxes and furniture from sliding about and hitting the sides. Either that, or vans with racks in their interiors, which will provide the same kind of protection. If you’re moving heavy objects, make sure you get a van with a ramp, so your furniture and heavy appliances can be hefted into the back with little issue.

Also, ask them what kind of insurance they offer. It’s vital that you’re covered in case of breakage, theft and loss. You wouldn’t want to put your possessions in the hands of someone who’s not going to give you basic protection. To be sure, ask them what insurance company they use before entering into any kind of agreement with them. Only after you’re sure you’ve made the right decision should you start discussing prices. Remember, you want a good deal but if you’re promised better customer service and service quality for a little extra outlay, it’s usually going to be worth it.

Now that you’ve hired the man with van company of your choosing, you can sit back and relax while the professionals move your goods around in safety and security. Except you can be extra sure, because you’ve put the work in to make sure they’re the right movers for you.

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