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27 November 2020

Help Your Kids Cope with Moving To Brent

For your move to the London area of Brent, there is a lot to plan and organize. Moving house is a big challenge for every family and an event that is quite memorable and tough. However, moving with children doubles the pressure and the stress, because children are much more emotional and easily shaken by big changes. Most parents who are facing relocation find it hard to even inform their children. They postpone telling them and then regret it. Children are emotional and a house move is usually met with a mixture of anger, sadness and frustration. Children feel reluctant to help with the move, because they have to deal with their own feelings. The change is quite considerable – new city, new neighborhood, new school, new friends, a new routine and many more. These unsettling changes are quite hard to cope with. How can you help your children cope with the house move?

Try to encourage as much open communication as possible – this is vital if you want good results. This way you will help your children express their fear and frustration and allow them to ask you questions about the move and the new location. An open dialogue will lead to more understanding and cooperation. Explain why the move is necessary and point out the positive factors. With younger children try to be as honest as possible and reinforce the basics – the family moves together, you are not leaving them or throwing away their toys and so on and so forth. Young children get confused and scared when they see strangers packing the household and it’s hard for them to understand what exactly is happening.

There are some common effects which you should be prepared for when moving house with children. It’s normal for a child to get angry and refuse to talk about the move at all. Try not to undermine their feelings or criticize them as this will only pull them further away from you. Explain that a house move is a chance for the family to start fresh and find better opportunities. If possible take them to see the new house or flat, to see the new school and meet their teachers. This will show them that the situation is not as scary as they imagine it to be. It’s normal for them to feel anxiety, no matter how old they are. Children worry that they will never find their place again, that they will be all alone and without any friends. Try to ease this anxiety by encouraging them to take part in a group sport or some school club. This is one of the easiest ways to meet new people who share their interests and not feel abandoned.

Throughout the moving process make sure that you are responsive and positive. If your children see your anxiety they will feel worse than they already do. Don’t ignore their questions and be as informative as possible. Discuss how their future bedrooms could look like and allow them to pick the colour of the paint and other items.

Whatever you do, try to stay as close to your children as possible. Let them help you with packing if they want to and try to do things together as a family. This way you will simplify the moving process for them.

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