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27 November 2020

Ways To Feng Shui Your New Home

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of the correct placement of objects and belongings to create positive energy in and around the home. Feng shui can be applied in any space, on a larger scale it can be used within the home or office space, on a smaller scale, it can be the way you organise your fish tank or your desk at work. Feng Shui concerns itself primarily with the location and geometry of the placement of objects, the colours used and the clear representation of earth, wind, fire, water and wood.

The best time to feng shui is when you are moving into a new property and have an empty space to plan and work with. The first thing you should do is de-clutter, get rid of any belongings you have that you do not want or never use, pack only the essentials and the items of sentimental value to take with you to your new home. In and around your new house there are a few things to consider:

1. First and foremost, look at the area surrounding your new home. Your home should not be surrounded by low or attacking energy’s. Ensuring the outside of your home is completely feng shui friendly it may be necessary to landscape. There are some things you are not going to be able to change, for example if you live behind a train track, however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t feng shui the outside to increase the positive energy flowing around your home.

2. The entrance to your home should have a consistent and strong flow of positive energy. It should be clear from any obstructions both inside and outside the home as any obstructions could reduce the positive energy from coming in. The colour of your door and the condition the door is in, should be considered, choose colours that welcome strength and can channel this energy.

3. When the energy enters the home, where does it go? For good Feng Shui the energy should be channelled around the home, through all rooms and into main areas, such as the living room and kitchen. When you enter your new home, look for any ways in which this energy could escape, any rooms that are not getting a flow of positive energy because of where they are, any staircases leading the positive energy upstairs and away from the main downstairs areas, any rooms with closed doors, such as the bathroom, that are not allowing energy into it, make sure the energy is allowed into the bedrooms.

4. To increase the positive energy within your home, and the flow of this energy, focus in particular on the main energy centres, these are your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. These rooms should be your primary focus when adopting feng shui within your home, make sure you place belongings in here according to feng shui guidelines, and pay attention to the colours you choose. If you create a negative energy in any of these rooms, this is what will be channelled around the entire home regardless of the amount of positive energy you allow into the home.

Once you have created a good flow of positive energy and have moved into your new home, maintain the energy you have created, do not allow your home to become cluttered or ‘busy’ looking and ensure a constant supply of fresh air, fresh energy, natural light.

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