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27 November 2020

Way to Avoid moving day nightmares

Moving house is a long and often difficult process, but finally moving day is here. This is when the excitement kicks in – when you get to start a new life in your new house, at last. But still – it’s frenetic, sometimes stressful and things can go horribly wrong. Here’s our top five ways to avoid the nightmares which can REALLY spoil your day.

Insure, protect, survive: you may not know this, but many professional moving companies will not be insured for any box you pack yourself. So, if your priceless antiques get damaged in transit, you don’t have ANY cover. There are two solutions: either let the moving firm pack them, or take out special insurance. The latter wont cost a lot, but it will give you complete peace of mind. Especially if you are moving yourself, you need all your prized possessions to be insured against damage or outright breakage.

Ease the strain: get the tools in place to help ease the load of lugging heavy boxes, plus the big appliances and furniture. This is absolutely key: especially as you can seriously injure your back otherwise. It’s just not worth the risk. You may have upwards of fifty boxes to get into a van, and out again at the other end. There are some simple, cost-effective ways to literally ease the strain. A utility dolly, also called a hand truck, can wheel those boxes and smaller items of furniture from room to the door, and up to the van. Van ramps will let you roll them straight into the truck, and out again. Appliance straps and gliders mean you don’t have to lift those heavy fridges, cookers and wardrobes. You just tilt them, put the sliders under and then roll them, even across your carpets.

Make sure it fits … we’ve all heard the horror stories of having to remove door frames and even windows to get large pieces of furniture out of the house. Or getting wedged with a sofa or bed on the stairs. It’s not just frustrating, it can waste hours. Plus, you can end up damaging not only your furniture but your walls, doors and banisters. So plan in advance of moving day how you’re going to deal with the bigger items. Though it may seem like the benefit of hindsight, it’s also worth buying sofas that come in two halves, and large furniture that requires self assembly – so can be disassembled and moved flat. If you can, move all the items down to near the exit point … or at least on the same floor … BEFORE moving day.

Cover and cover again: it’s sods law that it will rain on your moving day. Even if the skies stay clear, moving gets mucky. You’ll be amazed at the dust mountains that accumulate everywhere, behind those sofas and under the beds. Then, almost mystically, they somehow attach themselves to your soft furnishings. So – vacuum those mattresses and sofas, then invest in some cheap, quick plastic wraps to keep them clean and dry as they get moved. Cover corners, too – of any item of furniture that can bump and get bumped as they move downstairs, through door ways and down halls. Have a look at appliance and furniture pads which securely wrap, preventing any dents or scratches.

Use a professional: it may sound obvious, but using a professional removals firm or a man with van takes a lot of the pressure and workload off you. Some even provide a packing service. What they’ll definitely do is the heavy hauling, the driving and the unloading into your new house. This isn’t just about hiring a firm, but ensuring you hire a professional. No cowboy outfits, or fly-by-night company.

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