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27 November 2020

Way to Arrange Your New House

Moving to your new home is like a happy end of a long journey. But there is still a lot of work to be done. Turn the bitterness of moving into a new home into sweet moment of satisfaction of the good work done. Here, we would like to present you 5 clever ideas for a smooth relocation.

Day 1: Don’t start unpacking immediately! Get a good night’s sleep. Have a glass of wine and order a pizza.
The feeling of exhaustion may replace the feeling of excitement while you move to your dream home. So, forget about all the mess and unwrapped stuff. You don’t have to hurry. Your first day in your new home should be a day of relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Did you remember to take your essential belongings with your personal luggage? If yes, dress yourself comfortably and make a tour around the neighborhood. See if there are nice little spots where you can hang out in your free time. Have a glass of wine and order a pizza. After this magical first dinner, have a good night’s sleep in your favorite pajamas. Now you can call it home.

Day 2: Check that everything is present. You have not thrown away your inventory list, right? Clean the area if needed and arrange the boxes into the rooms. Unpack things from the kitchen and bathroom first!
Getting up in the morning, refreshed and rested, take a gander at the battlefield. It’s time to roll up your sleeves. Look at what needs cleaning and start with cleaning up. After washing up and removing the dust, start room by room to unwrap and arrange your furniture. Go first with the kitchen – unwrap the dishes, forks and knives. Arrange kitchen utensils on the shelves. After finishing with the kitchen, move to the bathroom. Before you unpack your cosmetics and shampoos, clean the area carefully. Use gloves and suitable cleaners. Make it shine! Have a long bath after this long first day of cleaning and unpacking.

Day 3: Unpack your clothes and shoes. See if they need washing up or dry cleaning. Arrange your bedroom! Put up the curtains and clean the area.
You must already feel exhausted. Take a deep breath, as there are still a lot of things to be done. Find where your boxes with clothes and shoes are and arrange them tastefully in the wardrobe. Leave in boxes those you will not you use any time soon. Leave your shoes in the closet. After finishing with your closet, it’s time to decorate your bedroom. Tidy up your bed; cover it with your favorite duvet. Hang the pictures and put up the curtains. A quick glance to see if everything is ok – and this is it for today!

Day 4: Arrange your living room. Decorate it according your taste. Connect all technical devices. Put some plants in.
Almost there! Don’t loose your energy. Make a big cup of coffee in your new kitchen and think about ideas of how to decorate your spacious living room. Lay the carpet, arrange the furniture and connect the tech gadgets. Put some plants and pictures in, to make it look more cozy and relaxing. Arrange your books on the shelves, play some music while you are arranging furniture. See if everything is in its place. Then, connect your computer and DVD system. Now you are ready for guests!

Day 5: See if you need to store left things. If so, put them in the garage or crawl space. Make your first dinner at your new home. Invite friends over and have a drink.
Well, you succeeded! Now your home is fully furnished and ready to welcome dear friends. Dress yourself accordingly, and invite your friends for a dinner at your new home. Prepare the meal, open a bottle of wine and have a pleasant rewarding night with them. They will definitely appreciate your efforts and you might receive some small presents for your new home. Enjoy!

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