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27 November 2020

How Removal Companies Define The Cost Of Your Move EC2

Moving home can be costly so it is important that you are aware of how your EC2 removals service calculates the cost of your move so that you can be sure you are getting the best price for your move. Your removal company will base their quote on three specific areas:

• Size
To get a quote for your EC2 removals you should make sure you invite the companies over to see the items that need to be moved so that they can give you a tailor made quote. The first thing they will assess is the amount of things that need to be transported. By assessing this they are able to get a better idea of how much time it will take to load your items on to their truck, how many members of staff they will need and what size vehicle they will have to provide. As with anything, the larger it is the more expensive it is going to be so if you have a lot of items to be moved you will have to prepare for a high quote. You can minimise this by making sure you sell, donate and recycle any unwanted items and clothes so that you are only paying for the transportation of necessary items.

• Difficulty
Your EC2 removals company will be trained and equipped to deal with a wide variety of speciality items from grand pianos to fine bone china. This means that they will be able to provide specialist tools and equipment to assist in loading and unloading your items. If you need something that requires specialist treatment your quote will reflect that. As well as covering the cost of any equipment needed the difficulty of your move will also affect the amount of staff members needed to carry out the removal. This again will affect the price of your quote.

• Distance
Once your removal company has judged the size and complexity of your move they will then take the distance of your move in to consideration. Not only does the distance of your move affect how long the moving process will take it also affects the amount of fuel your moving company will use getting your items to their destination. This is all factored in to the cost of your move as your company has to cover their costs of both the drive their and their drive back.

• Time of day
The choice of day and time will also affect the price of your removal as many companies will charge more during peak times such as weekends, rush hour and school holidays. This is because there is a higher demand for their services during these times and there are more vehicles on the road meaning the move will take longer and potentially burn more fuel as they may encounter traffic during the relocation. Once you know that this is a factor in the price of your quote you can ask your company if they will reduce the quote if you chose a better time of day. By choosing a less buy time your company will be less busy and therefore more willing to do the move at a reduced cost. Many people find that taking a day off work to move during the week is more cost effective than booking their removal for a weekend which is a peak removal time.

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