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27 November 2020

How to Prepare for Furniture Removal

When you have to move house you need to be prepared for a tiresome, time-consuming and long process, which takes money and effort. One of the ways to have an easier and efficient removal is by hiring a removals company. When you start looking for one, you would probably be guided by the price and you will mostly compare the different prices of a few companies. Another big factor in choosing such service is of course the reputation. This can be a big determinant, so check for online recommendations, read opinions in forums and look for star rating systems.

When you need furniture removal, the company you hire should pay you a visit to see exactly what you have for moving and determine the quantity. Only after that should they give you a precise quote. What you also need to know is how many movers will be loading and unloading on site during the moving day. Check if they have insurance or any coverage and be prepared to leave them tips. Packing all your belongings and moving house can be quite a traumatic experience. The earlier you start planning and writing a checklist, the easier it will be to cope and avoid damages and stress. One of your hardest and most time-consuming tasks will be to pack, especially the boxes with fragile and small items. It may seem like you can just put them inside and seal the boxes, but once you load them inside the truck, only a miracle would be able to preserve them during the transportation.

Getting quality moving boxes and packing material is a key factor for your successful packing. The first thing to do is prepare an inventory list, so you know exactly what you are packing and what you are leaving to the movers to deal with. Once you pack the boxes, make sure you have a rough estimate of the value of each box, as this will help the company calculate the necessary insurance. If you have many fragile items, valuables or antiques, it’s best to wrap each piece individually in at least two layers of bubble wrap. Always label the boxes with such items with “fragile” and put them on top of the others inside the truck. Electrical appliances, DVDs and other such items are also breakables and should be treated as such.

The things that you should write on each box include: content of the box; whether the content is fragile, sturdy or average; which room the box should be put in; an inventory number. The boxes which contain books can be put at the bottom, so make sure you label them. When the movers arrive you should have cleared out the space around the big furniture, so they can move it, wrap it and load it inside the truck. These items are usually left to the trained movers to pack and carry: sofas, chairs, cupboards, wardrobes, tables, armchairs, mirrors, expensive artwork and antiques, TV screens, big sports equipment and others. The movers know how to properly pack these items and what packing material they need, so let them do the job, while you deal with the small items and boxes. Before the moving day, try to stack the boxes in an easier way. Boxes with fragile items can be placed in one room, the heavy ones with books and other sturdy items can be in the living room. Decide how to move potted plants, flammable items and food. Following this simple method, you will be able to prepare for the actual furniture removal and even have a rest.

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