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27 November 2020

DIY Removal Or Hiring A Removal Van

The question of how to approach a moving day at the forefront of any WC1 home mover’s mind. There are a vast number of options and approaches a mover can take when considering their moving options, and many movers look to try and brave the removal day process alone. Others will look to recruit family and friends to assist them on their big day. Movers have and will continue to do this because they feel that a WC1 removal company has a number of drawbacks for them. Perhaps a removal company just seems like an unnecessary expense at an already very expensive time, or a full scale lorry would not be needed for your scale of WC1 removal. However, there is a happy medium which has distinct benefits compared to both do it yourself home removals and full scale removal companies. A few of these benefits are listed below.

Firstly, we all know how expensive moving can get, and that a lot of people attempt a DIY home removal for the purpose of being more frugal. However, removal van hire, be it with a removal van employee or without, can strike a financial balance between getting professional assistance and equipment to help you with your move and going it alone. One of the benefits of many removal van hire companies is that they will often look to advertise a set per hour rate. Not only will this be substantially cheaper than hiring a full blown removal company, the low and face value rate will allow you to budget effectively for this and make sure no hidden costs arise during your move.

Furthermore, it is important to think about how much the real cost of a removal van would be. Whilst looking at the cost at a face value, it could well end up saving you money in a number of ways. Firstly and rather obviously, a removal van is much larger than the vast majority of personal vehicles and by virtue of its size will take significantly fewer trips to complete your removal. This may well end up saving you money on petrol, but will also be a quicker and less stressful process, which could well be the difference between cooking and getting a take away or being able to stay in your house and using a hotel room for the night.

Furthermore, much should be said about the stress reduction a removal van hire can cause. This happens because of a number of things. As was mentioned before, one such reason is that it will take you fewer trips to complete your move than it would in a car. This allows you more time to actually unpack on your first day in your new house and give you more of a sense of achievement. Beyond this, the flat bed at the back of the van is much more practical for stacking your possessions and boxes than trying to precariously balance your things on the back seat of your car. It creates a more stable environment, which is especially important for more fragile or easily damaged and can leave you feeling much more secure when in transit to your new destination.

In short, there is rarely a good reason to do home removals without any assistance in the modern day. Even if you feel a removal company is too much for your needs, hiring a removal van of your own is an easy way to strike a balance between frugality and convenience.

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