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A Removal is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle – All the Pieces Must Fit

London RemovalsAt Removals London we like to think of our customers’ removals a bit like puzzles. There are a lot of pieces that need to come into place in order for the ‘big picture’, - a successful removal – to be seen. If all the pieces of the puzzle align, your removal should be a hassle-free experience and you won’t feel like your life is full of mismatched pieces. There are many pieces of the removal puzzle, but each is as important as the next. If just one piece in the logistics of your removal is missing, the whole thing will be off and you may have the feeling that you are stuck in a never-ending removal.

We start with the major components that most every removal relies on – loading, unloading and transport. Our vehicles are insured and you will find them impressively clean and well maintained. And driving those vehicles are the best movers that can be found in London, the UK, we’ll even go so far as to say in Europe. That’s how proud we are of our team. The people who deal with the clients, from the customer service representatives and removal managers to the movers who show up at your door on move out day are what drive are business. They are the cogs in the wheel, so to speak, and by having only the best, we can make sure that our business runs well all day, every day, and on your moving day.

Those major components of loading, unloading and transport require a lot of attention in order for them to be the quality services we can be proud of. When loading your items, our movers are always extremely careful, never stacking heavy boxes on top of lighter ones and never leaving furniture in the back of the moving vehicle without securing everything. The rear door of the lorry will not be shut until it is clear that everything is safe and sound. We don’t want anything moving around because you don’t want anything to get broken of damaged in transit. The transit itself is done with the utmost care so that your items arrive at your new home or office on time and in perfect condition. Many removal companies treat that final component – unloading – as if it is not as important as the first two. But many accidents can happen during unloading if the crew is not careful. We pay special attention to the unloading process because we know that this is where other companies make mistakes.

Those three main components are common to every removal, but we are not striving to be common. On top of these components we then add the supporting pieces of the removal, such as packing services and storage solutions. There are smaller, but no less important pieces such as packaging materials, too. And don’t forget unpacking and cleanup. Our company will also handle all the tiny pieces that make a removal a success. That means that our lines of communication are always open for you. It means that we don’t add in any hidden extras once you have been given a quote. It means that everything will be taken care of and you don’t need to spend all your time and energy worrying about things that could go wrong.

Removal Services LondonWon’t you feel better knowing that your belongings are in the capable hands of a company that so carefully puts together the pieces of each removal? We do this by assessing the needs of each customer, spending the time to understand what the specifics of the removal are and what we can do to make it as smooth as possible. If you are in a hurry, pick up the pieces by choosing our company to complete the bulk of your packing for you? The next piece in the puzzle is packing materials, which we provide at a great discount direct from the suppliers. They’ll be delivered and your boxes will be packed by our capable movers so you can get the rest of the details organized. By now you can see that all the pieces are falling into place. If you are going on an extended trip before moving into your new home or you simply have a gap between your move out and your move in date, we will make sure that your items are safely stored in one of our secure Storage units. That is much easier than trying to find friends and family to house your stuff on top of all of theirs.

This systematic approach to house and office removals has gotten us praise from our customers, repeat business and a lot of recommendations as well. In today’s busy world, it helps to be organized and while some people may want just the main components of their removal puzzle, others will prefer to have the whole picture taken care of by one company. That company is Removals London. Call us today for a free quote and to see how we can put our removal strategy to work for you and your family or coworkers. Plans, organizational charts, strategies – all those terms are names for what we do every day, which is to simply build a better removal. So when you are stuck in a puzzle of a removal, call on 020 8746 4334 to help you put the picture together. There is no other Removal Company that can do what we do for a better price, so once you have compared prices of other companies, you will find your way back here, to our company. Our friendly customer service representatives can get you started today with all the information you will need to put your removal puzzle together. With us you will never have to worry about missing pieces and you won’t regret the picture that comes together at the end. Our company makes piecing together the puzzle of home or office removals a piece of cake.